My job rocks!

☔Janice Beth🌈 • Rainbow Baby - Amelia Junerose born 2-5-16

So a couple weeks ago my boss started freaking out about my nausea and made me call the nurse line. I called and they mentioned a maternity support program... I honestly shrugged it off but the nurse called me and left a message about it and I thought what the hell. Including talking to a nurse assigned to me whenever I want, I get a fifty dollar gift card after baby is born and a free book (I chose what to expect baby's first year). Today a package came and I thought it was the book... It was a whole lot more! Free full sizes of lotion, vitamins, wipes, and a onesie with the store mascot on it. So cute! And coupons!! I just had to share!

Anyone else's job do this? I never heard of it before and was curious...