Our Little London Marie 💕

Had a scheduled induction on July 6 at 6 am at 40w2d. Dilated 1 1/2 cm and 50% effaced at my induction. Started Pitocin at 7am,  my doc broke my water and stretched me to 3cm around 8:30am. Dilated to 4 and asked for an epidural. Stayed at 4cm so they went up on my Pitocin, dilated to 5cm by 2. Stayed at 5 and would not dilate anymore. Even after gong to the max on Pitocin and putting me on a peanut ball to help her decend down. 8:20pm after still being at 5cm doctor asked me if I wanted to move forward with a c section or if I wanted to continue to labor. I opted for a c section since I was so uncomfortable and things didn't look like it was going to change. He said he'll see if I make any changes by 10:20 pm because he knew I really wanted a vag birth. At 10:30 I was STILL 5cm. 11pm I was being preped for my c section.. 11:34 pm our LONDON MARIE was born weighing 7lbs 7oz 19 in long. We are soooooo in love! I wouldn't change a thing! She latched right on without any help! We are now home resting and bonding! Thanks glow and ladies for a great 9 months!