I don't want my relationship to be like my parents. (Emotional rant)

In fact I want it to be 10000x better. I honestly don't feel like they show me what a good marriage should look like. The husband values his sisters/brother more than he his wife and children. Please! He doesn't even value my mom's side of the family in a fraction, like they've done something to him. At least my mom's side doesn't judge us. But his side is so damn perfect. They're not! Ugghhh I don't want that for my relationship. To be honest they're the reason why I don't want a relationship!! He's controlling and doesn't care for anyone else's opinion when it comes to his stupid side. My uncle needs money but my dad won't led any got damn money but if it was his fucking buster ass, idea stealing, cheating ass, deadbeat ass, brother he'd give him more than enough money! But my uncle is a good guy! Never has done this family any wrong!!! AND HE LEAVES HIM STUCK! FOR WHAT?!?!! I'm so upset right now. 😞
I'm sorry.. It's just that I have no one else to talk to about this. And it's really starting to agitate me.