Teen moms.

I have to post this because I keep getting put down and told that i'm delusional, stupid, and idiot. That i'm lying and cant possible be a good mother. 
At 16 years old I tried to get pregnant. I was engaged. I was in love. I left home shortly after getting pregnant because my family wasn't safe. My mother was careless, my brother is a convincted rapist. My other brother was a drug addict living at home and the rest of my family was horrible and mean. We had already had plans before trying incase the apartment plan didn't follow through. But it did. We got our own apartment, both worked and went to school. He graduated and then worked full time. I was also working up until the baby was born. By then he was getting over $1000 a month plus his job until he got a better job a year later. I didn't have help from the government because of the fact that people told me to die because I was a teen mom. That my baby should he taken away. One man told me that he hoped my baby died so she didnt live with a teen mom. That remark hurt and still hurts to this day. I had a plan, I had money. I knew that the relationship may not make it. I then had a plan in case it didn't. I stayed home for a few months before I went back to work. I had an older cousin who owned a daycare and she let my baby there free so that helped greatly. I went back to work, finished school and got married. We are still together and happy! We have now concieved our second child and cant be happier. I realize MOST teens didn't have it like me and they didn't have a plan, or a reliable relationship, etc. i realize that at 16 I was very young. But I was not stupid. Now when my daughter is 16, she wont have a family like I did. If she tried to have a baby, I would hope to know about it so I could talk to her. My daughter wont be living on her own or anything. If she gets pregnant on accident, or purpose, i'll still be there because I understand. I will tell her not to but at the end of the day, I cant lock her in a room and stop her. 
I seem to be getting alot of bitching because in MY personal expierence, motherhood wasn't hard. Was I tired? Yes. Did I get my way on everything? No. I didn't get to have alone time or party. I didn't get alot of sleep. Was it sometimes frustrating when she wouldn't stop crying, wouldn't let me dress her, or threw temper tantrums? Absolutely. But no, for me it wasn't hard. I'm not saying it was the easiest thing ever but I was happy. I had my baby girl, my husband, and I was doing great. I was more grateful, and happy than I was focusing on that. Physically, it was hard. Emotionally, I was fine. So no, for ME and me only, it wasn't as hard as people said it was. But everyones motherhood is different. There are days even now when Its hard, but overall, its not. But at the same time, my baby slept through the night, she barely cried, she was great. I'm sure this baby will be alot different and probably will be hard but you cant judge me because I didn't have the same expierence as you. 
Nor can you bash me because I had a baby at 16 on purpose. So if you have something bad to say, Dont even start! I am not getting defensive because people don't like it but if a 19 year old was doing it everyone would say "congrats." 
I was lucky in my situation and I still am. I am blessed with my husband and my children!