Letrozole after chemical pregnancy


Hi all. A little vent and a question. Sorry for the essay.

I have been TTC for about 15 months now. After lots and lots of tests, we worked out that I have too many folicles on my ovaries which causes symptoms similar to PCOS, but without having PCOS itself. The treatment os metformin and letrozole.

In April this year, I started Letrozol and managed to conceive on my first go. I olvulated on day 17, after getting a really strong OPK on day 16. The ovulation was all confirmed by bloods. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy and I started bleeding on May 8th. My doctor told me to take Letrozole through that bleed to try and keep my cycle short. My normal cycle is between 45 and 50 days. The last cycle was 35. Not bad.

So I got my period, first one after the chemical, and took my letrozole again, days 3-7 as instructed by my doctor. I've been testing for ovulation since day 10, its now day 17. Nothing. Barely any colour on the test lines at all. Stupidly, I'm really upset by this. Just when I thought I had control over my situation, my body still seems to refuse to cooperate.

Does anyone have any idea whats going on? I know I sound childish, as many women have been TTC for so much longer than me, but I'm sick of waiting and sick of the disappointment and sadness that surrounds what is meant to be a beautiful time in my life. Does anyone have any advice, knowledge or experience in this type of situation?

Thanks for reading.