Blood pressure and heart rate. ?


34 1/2 weeks and I’ve been having dizzy spells and heart palpitations so dr wants me keeping up with my blood pressure. Well, I’ve NEVER had blood pressure problems, if anything is always a little low (around 108/65. Highest it’s been at my check ups was 120/72. ) well at my last apt it was 140/84 and the one before that it was 138/78. Normal, but high for me. Since I’ve been taking it at home (3x a day) it’s been fine (back to my normal) but my heart rate has been high. Normal resting heart rate is between 60-100 bpm. Well, normal for ME is always between 55-70. Every time I’ve taken it at home it’s been between 100-120. Is that normal considering my increased blood volume or is that considered high. Keep in mind I take it at the same time every day, while resting (sitting on the couch watching NCIS ) to be exact lol.