Surprised my husband... πŸ’•πŸ˜Š

I say I did it for him.. but really I did it for me as well! If you ever get the chance or ever thought about doing a boudoir shoot.. do it. Don’t hesitate.

Here is my reason why...

Made me appreciate my body because I saw how much he loved it and I knew as soon as we started our family, my body would never look like it once did. My body would fade and expand and get lumpier and get softer to allow itself to carry healthy babies and we couldn’t wait for that to happen. I wanted him to look back when we’re old, grey and wrinkly.. when the stretch marks fade to white instead of red and when the bags under my eyes get darker and say β€œmy wife was once filled with youthful magic but the memories and events we went through in life made her even more beautiful than she is in these photos when she felt her most beautiful”..

Our bodies are so magical, ladies. To all those waiting to conceive.. appreciate them now. To all those mommas looking in the mirror, appreciate what your body has become. πŸ’•

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His reaction was totally worth it..

β€œMy high school dreams have come true!”

β€œDo I get to keep these forever?”