Early labor signs ? 23 weeks

For two days now i been having really bad sharp pains that come in go low in my pelvic . Watery discharge ( no i don’t have an infection) im constantly in labor and delivery because i always get contractions that are either 1 min apart or 3 mins apart but they always send me home . But these sharp pains started 2-3 days ago . They are really painful they are not round ligament pains because iknow what those feel like. These pains are different and more intense i laid in bed crying when i first started getting these pains. It first started off in the middle of my belly but low in the pelvic an then it stopped an switched to the left side & now i mainly get it on the left side . I also had back cramps while i had this pain. I been extremely nauseous today & very dizzy ! Are these all normal pregnancy stuff or what can it be ?