opk getting darker!!?????😊😊😊


anyone else agree my opks are getting darker? i know its not positive yet but just happy to see it getting darker 😊😊😊😊 god bless you beautiful ladies and keep on poas I know I am im an addict now lolol❀❀ light cramping and wet CM currently on vitex, metformin and one a day vitamin, menstrual cycle ended on thursday and lasted for 7 days. The first two are from right now and earlier this morning and the rest are from yesterday 😊😊😊 give your opinion ladies😊😊😊😊❀

1st picture: top opk is from a few minutes ago and bottom opk is from earlier today at 7:45am right after temping at 97.42 Fahrenheit (not sure if that's to low or too high)

2nd picture: both #1 & #2 opks on this 2nd picture are from yesterday. Comment your opinions and if you think its gradually getting darker or not 😊 thanks yall! Will be testing throughout the day to update😊