Working out after baby

Isabella • •Isabella •Mommy to Nina

So,l am a single young mom to a 3 month old baby girl.Before my pregnancy,l wasn’t pleased with my body but l was also kinda confident about it.l always ate healthy but l was so behind with working out or doing sports.When l got pregnant,l convinced myself that if l am not happy with my body,l will first start loving myself And reminding myself that everyone is beautiful the way they are(l still think that though).Then,if l wanted l would workout and eat even healthier food but no crazy diets.But of course that my baby was,is and will always be my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.So,even though l had permission to workout when she was 1 month and half old,l decided not because her first 3 months would be only about her and her needs.So,she is 3 months old now...4 months in 10 days and l started working out for a healthier body and not a fit one because l was mostly doing this to be healthier and look after myself and not about having a good body because l accept and love myself the way l am.But,there is a slight problem.l feel guilty for doing this because l have a baby and l don’t want to feel like l am not paying attention to her and her only.Since,l am single(baby’s father left me because of my pregnancy),l do not know who to take advice from.So anyone please give me advice or talk if you had a similar experience.Oh btw.sorry for this being so long..❤️