Am I selfish or is it ok??


So I'm 18 weeks with my 4th baby and this is my second HG(Hyperemesis Gravidarum) pregnancy and life has been HELL. I recently came off my IVs and my Zofran pump that I had been on since 3 weeks pregnant. I still take my "cocktail" every day just to be able to hold down Powerade, Pepsi, and occasional solid foods. I catch hell from everyone because of the Pepsi but if you have never experienced HG you could never to begin to fathom what torture my body has gone through. I sometimes feel selfish because when I go to the OB or anywhere in public( when I can) I see all these pregnant ladies that rub their bellies and seem to enjoy every moment of their pregnancy. I have lost 40lbs of my pre baby weight and I don't even look pregnant yet but the baby is perfectly healthy. Is it wrong of me to actually cry and have a very strong dislike for these other pregnant women? I fight every day not only for my life but my baby too. The mental and emotional toll that HG has taken on me is not something I would wish on any woman but I would give anything to have a "Normal Pregnancy". Please tell me I'm not alone.