July please be our month to conceive


Hubs and I finished June out STRONG 🏋️‍♂️ Because Glow said my fertile week was the last week of June, we tried 5x last week. All FIVE times I made sure to lay on my back for 15min afterwards.

Because I still haven't received a positive OPK test, that hasn't stopped us from BD 😉

My TTC plan for July - Hubby and I are going to start BD every other night beginning tonight 🛏 During each BD, we're going to continue using pre-seed. Mainly because we just enjoy using it 😊 I'm going to start taking Pregnitude, to help with regulate my cycles. Not to mention I've heard from women who have had success taking it.

I'm praying real heard to see some positive news this coming August 🙏