Getting really frustrated

Tessa • 26. Newlywed. Due with #1 on 12/16/14!
Normally I'm not one to speak out, but I've been noticing something in a lot of the community threads that's bothering me. It seems as if a lot of the "regulars" here are starting to form a version of a clique. I've tried to give advice/input in quite a few of the threads and they are constantly looked over. The only people that are directly getting replies are these "regulars". 
​This journey is stressful for all of us. Some days people need a little more uplifting than others, and in turn you should be able to return the favor by giving the advice back to WHOEVER needs it. If someone directly addresses you in a thread, you look it over several times and completely disregard it, then I find that extremely disrespectful. What if that person just needed to hear one word or piece of advice to make everything better? 
​Isn't this supposed to be a community? Which means everyone is a valued and respected member? 
​I think everyone needs to remember that we're all in this together. Not a single one of us is more worthy of a reply than the other. So I'm just asking that you notice at least one person out of your "circle" who needs uplifted. You never know what kind of knowledge, advice, or kind words she can offer if you're always looking past her. I notice so many women (myself included) that are constantly left in the dust on these threads.
​This was in no means meant to offend anyone. I'm just trying to make those aware that aren't.