Scared to find out the gender of my baby.

We already have a son who is 14 months old. My husbands family has put so much pressure on me because they want a girl really bad, including my husband. They have had 3 women born into the family in the last 56 years... the last one being 28 years ago. I completely think this baby is a boy and I’m so excited about that. If it’s a girl fantastic, but I just feel in my body that its a boy. They constantly tell my son that he’s getting a baby sister and thank god he doesn’t understand because we don’t find out for another 2 weeks. I’m so scared of how everyone is going to react if it’s another boy. I know they will love the baby but when they found out my son was a boy they freaked and kept telling me it was a girl until I sent pictures of when he was born and had proof that he was indeed not a girl. It’s to the point where I’m not sleeping and constantly having panic attacks over what their reaction will be. I’m worried my husband is going to be disappointed or sad. I know he loves our children no matter what, he has made that very clear. But ugh! He keeps calling the baby a girl and won’t even sort of say boy/: has anyone had this issue? Is there a way to calm my anxiety about it?