Ugh help


Ok soooo this is weird and I don’t know where to start but this guy that I just started dating we’ve been staying at this house together at the beach for a few days. And we always end up doing “stuff” which I’m totally fine with and I know he is too. But for some reason he’ll be hard when we’re downstairs making out and laying on each other but when we go upstairs to have sex he won’t be hard anymore and it upsets him and I just don’t know why he isn’t hard when we go to have sex. He’ll eat me out and do everything else but we’re not able to fuck because he cant stay hard. I know it’s not me either because he always tells me how beautiful and sexy I am and he says it’s not me and gets mad when it happens and doesn’t know why it happens either. He also said he was fine previously and that this has never happened before. We even tried watching porn but he’ll only get semi-hard. I’ve honestly just run out of ideas and I just really want this with him. Is this normal and is there anything I can do?