BFN, AF 5 days late?


Hi all just needing to vent

I’m 5 days late and have gotten multiple BFN. My cycle is very predictable and has never been this late. According to this app and my other i ovulated on the 27th and I usually keep up with ovulation strips but I didn’t do one this month. Usually they are right. Anyhow... I’m 5 days late and keep getting BFN. I am getting a ton of butt cramps right now (sorry tmi?) and have been feeling definitely off... tingling and dull cramping in my ovary area.

At which point do I just make an appointment? I would love to be pregnant as me and my DH have been ttc for 8 months but if we’re not pregnant I’m worried as to why af has not appeared.

HELP ladies!!!! Any advice is appreciated