Her smile was everything!!

Michelle • We are Pregnant! After two years of trying it happened! Couldn’t be more happy, blessed, and excited than ever. 👶💖💙🙏EDD 10/17/18

I’m going to tell a short version of my pregnancy experience. It’s been a long, hard, stressful, depressing journey. I did every test there is, to find out she has a piece of chromosome 6 deletion. It could mean she may have autism, mental delay, or mental retardation. Or she could be perfectly fine. I did tests starting at week 11 all the way til 25 weeks. Through that period my husband as we waited for results, and got them back, things stated to not look so well. We started talking about abortion, and the more the weeks went on the more likely it was going to happen as the more test we did the results weren’t great...I wasn’t able to form a bond with her. Not knowing what we were going to do. I’d feel a kick and ignore it, id see baby clothes at stores and look away, id see other women with their babies and feel sad, I stopped getting on any social media seeing other pregnant woman being so happy about their pregnancy. It was just hard. I’ve asked why us? My husband and I are perfectly healthy, don’t drink or do drugs, work out and take care of ourselves. I’ve felt anger, not understanding why women who do horrible things have normal babies. So at 25 weeks after our final results came back I called the abortion clinic, which was horrible to talk about the procedure. We live in Texas and would have to go to NM to do it. I sent over all my paper work preparing for it. But my husband and I just couldn’t do it. The doctors can’t give us any answers, she could be perfectly or she may not. We decided to give her a chance at life, and pray to God she is fine and if there is mental delay it won’t be bad. On top of it all she looks like a perfect normal baby girl, if we wouldn’t of done any of the test we would of had no idea. Today we went for a private ultrasound at 27 weeks and we saw her smile. It made my heart drop and instantly feel we made the right choice. Please if y’all could say a prayer for her, it would be appreciated, cause we need them. Thank you.