Is there anything you can do?

Tonight we took my daughter to a public park. (she is 20 months old) There were several other families there as well all with children that looked to be under the age of 8. Everything was peaceful and as it should have been, then all of a sudden a large group of teenagers come running into the park. Jumping on the TODDLER slides and area. (Thankfully we had just left the toddler area and were on the swings) They basically took over the whole park running up slides and trying to swing super high and jump off and hit other kids. One family ended up leaving because it was ridiculous. One of the teenage girls got on the toddler swings and you could see the whole swing set shaking and creaking because it was obviously too much weight. (Park was just added a year or two ago.) One of the other dads that were there approached them and asked them to get off because they were going to break it. They gave attitude, but eventually walked off. Some of the other teens that were still on the swings kept trying to swing super high and kept making the whole swing set pop and the whole thing shake. My parents were there with us as well and my dad approached them this time and asked them to cut it out. They just laughed and kept on.On one part of the playground there is a rope bridge and three of them got on it and started jumping to see if they could break it. Multiple parents tried to speak to them and they did not care at all.We all ended up leaving the park.

Anyways, was there anything that could have been done? Legally? Like would the cops have done anything since it was technically a public park even though all the signs say 2-12 years old only? And All the boys had facial hair and you could clearly tell they were all high schoolers. (They all drove).