Recovering trust

I found out last week my husband was... well I want to say having an affair but I don’t know if I’d say that; but he was cheating. Sexting with a girl. One girl.

I feel sick thinking about it. They never met, or planned to meet or anything; but they exchanged photos, talked inappropriately all that.

We’ve been married for 3 years now. This is the first time it’s happened during our marriage. I have forgiven him; he has repented, now comes the hard work of rebuilding that trust that was shattered.

So I have a few questions... if you we’re going to do marriage counseling would you go through a standard person or a Christian therapist? How did/would you find them? How helpful is marriage counseling?

Any words of encouragement would be appreciated too.

**Also please don’t say he’ll do it again, or I should leave him. I don’t need the negative comments right now; no one here knows him or I and I’m not going to just give up on my marriage; people are fallible, we all screw up and hurt each other... some ways worse than others. No his actions are not excused by being forgiven either; so please don’t assume because Ive forgiven him that he thinks it’s fine to repeat this.