family only comes around when benefited?


ive noticed since ive moved out (technically kicked out, my aunt is ridiculous) that my family only comes around when its beneficial to them.

long story short in October of 2017 my aunt kicked me out bc i wouldnt drive her kid to his wrestling practice. she wasnt doing anything, just being lazy. i moved in with my boyfriend, now fiance.

a month after being kicked out, my aunt contacts me and asks me to pay her rent. clearly i tell her no. my grandma and my aunt both go off on me and they dont speak to me anymore.

i got pregnant roughly November of 2017 and had a completely falling out with my family. We didnt even talk anymore at this point.

multiple other things happen to where they needed something, contacted me, i clearly tell them no, then they fight with me and go back to no longer talking to me. ive given them multiple chances. my cousin is the only one ive kept in contact with bc she genuinely cares and is like a sister to me.

now i am a week before giving birth and they have been contacting me like they didnt ignore me for months on end. and i know after a couple weeks of him being born their going to go back to not talking to me again. what do i do?