Is anyone else’s nausea hitting them in the evenings?


I’m only 5W5D and just started noticing a very tiny bit of nausea over the weekend (like slight enough that I thought maybe I was just imagining it, haha). I had a little bit of nausea this morning, but again it was only slight. By this evening, I had full on nausea! Not bad enough to actually vomit, but that annoying feeling that if I move too quickly or eat anything else, I’ll probably hurl. 😂

I’m taking this as a good sign, as I had some brown spotting on Monday, Friday and Saturday of last week and while I know that that is pretty “normal” in early pregnancy, that combined with a lack of symptoms (other than some fatigue and occasional tender breasts) made me incredibly worried that my little bean didn’t stick. 😥

I will gladly take the nausea, and even the vomit, if it means I’ll be holding our rainbow maybe in March. 😍 Trying to stay positive and take each day as another milestone reached, but could really use any extra prayers or good juju y’all have floating around out there. ❤️