Time when I got my tampon stuck .

Miracle • Story time with ya girl miracle .

This was mid February of this year , when I decided to cut the string of my tampon off not thinking how would I pull it out . For some old reason I forgot about the tampon , and I started to receive major back pains . So I popped a pill and nothing happened the pain just grew and grew. Then I realize I had a tampon in ... I reach for the string and it was gone . So I sat on the restroom sink opened my legs couldn’t see anything . I call my boyfriend crying & he’s like ARE YOU DRUNK ? Mind you I’m not at home IM AT WORK I’m like sobbing no I’m not drunk this tampon is stuck he’s like babe sit on the toilet and push so I did nothing happened he hangs up the phone & im still crying . This girl comes in IDK HER AT ALL. She like what’s wrong & im sobbing my tampon is stuck and she’s like I’ll get it out & I look at her like uhmmm .. she’s like it’s okay my girlfriend gets hers stuck all the time and I’m okay but whose your girlfriend i don’t want no problems . Then she like come on sit on the sink open your legs HER GIRLFRIEND WALKS IN. It’s not what you think babe her tampon is stuck she’s like I’ll keep a look out make sure no one walks in . . It felt sooo weird having someone RANDOM dig in your vagina reaching for a dirty tampon . Fast forward the tampon is out , a hour later my boyfriend calls and he’s like babe I’m outside your job I got some gloves and lubricants ima get your tampon out .