Advice? 5 years married not on the same page

My husband (32) and I (25) have been married 5 years this month. I've been off the pill a year and we've been "not preventing".

Due to irregular cycles, tilted cervix and ovarian cysts, I've been told becoming pregnant will likely take a while.

I'm coming off an 80+ day cycle (had to take Provera to induce period) I want to start tracking with ovulation tests and timing intercourse, but my husband doesn't want to because he wants it to happen "naturally." His thoughts are that it "happens when it happens" He says if I track my ovulation not to tell him.

He says "He's ready when I'm ready" yet isn't on board with actually trying. I feel like TTC should be an exciting team effort and it makes me feel lonely when he isn't eager to try. Every month when I'm late he says "you're not pregnant" which seems so negative! Also when I make comments about having a baby he asks "are you pregnant? then there's no point to discuss that" like he doesn't want me to plan for the future.

Do you feel like he isn't really ready and doesn't want to come out and say it? or is it a typical guy thing to be less invested and not want to plan too far ahead?