So sick of my husband putting his friend before me.

I’m pregnant and we’ve been married for almost a month. I haven’t seen him since Sunday (we don’t live together yet bc our place is getting worked on) and he hasn’t asked me ONCE to see me, or even acknowledged that he hasn’t seen me since then. On Sunday, he was helping his friend move at 8 pm (which I still find hard to believe) and didn’t come and see me until 11:30 that night. I begged him that whole day to see him and then whenever he finally got home from work he went to his friends house. He acted the exact same way before we got married and now it’s pissing me off even more bc WERE MARRIED and im almost 9 weeks pregnant. So today I told him I missed him & wanted to see him and he got off work at 2PM which was suuuuper early compared to usual (usually it’s like 6-7pm) so I was excited that we’d have more time together. He told me he’d come get me and we’d go get skyline chili (my craving today, and keep in mind that I have extreme nausea & vomiting so when I crave something that’s the only thing I can eat) and then he said “oh actually my friend wants to hang out”. His friend only talks to him when he has girl problems and takes advantage of him constantly, AND my husband also talks shit about him saying he’s weird and he wishes he’d leave him alone. But he will see him more than he sees his wife. Okay. So now I’ve been waiting 5 hours on him to come and get me bc he’s still at his friends house and isn’t coming home til 9-10. Which is when the god damn skyline near me closes. I’m not getting it by myself bc just my luck he will come home the second I go out to get it, and I don’t want him to find a reason to not see me.

So am I overreacting? I feel like it’s just my hormones or something but this has been going on since we had first started dating. And idk what to do anymore to make him realize what he’s doing.