Very late...

Rose • Waiting for my rainbow 🌈

I’m extremely irregular with my periods, so most months while TTC I’ll test if I’m 2-3 days “late”, even up to 7-9 days “late”... and it’s negative, I cry for a while and AF shows up a day or two later. As of today, I am 17 days late according to Glow, which being irregular means I’m about 10 days late... I’m so nervous as I’ve had a couple symptoms that aren’t normal but I’m thinking I’ll get some tests tomorrow.

Which is better, digital or regular? Clear blue, first response, store brand... need some advice and lots of baby dust ❤️


So I took a first response and it’s a BFN. But I’m now 18-19 days late? I’m so confused what this could be. Any ideas??