Hug your hubbys tight.


My boyfriend and I have been together for two years, we were also best friends in middle school so hes always meant so much to me. im pregnant with our second child together and him and i both have another child from previous relationships so itll be a total of 4 kids once this baby is born.

point is...our relationship has been very tough lately since weve become homeless and the world has just shit on us. so instead of sticking with me he has basically left me without saying so. he doesnt speak to me barely, doesn't ask how the kids are doing nor help me financially with them. not helping financially at all. i call him and he never answers. god forbid there could be something wrong and he never answers. he is living his life and im here about to get a second job because ill never get by alone with three kids.

for those of you who have amazing husbands, hug them a little tighter tonight. because im suffering so bad emotionally. I'm so heartbroken.


My son's father is on child support. ive thought about filing child support for him as well. but he owes his ex over 5k for his son. he does nottttt pay and makes sure he works under the table so they dont find him to take it out of his checks. the cops have even came knocking at my moms door to give him more paperwork from him not paying. he avoids it all. and i feel like itll be a waste of time and its going to fuck me up even more emotionally :(

by the way THANK YOU for all of your beautiful comments. they have made me feel a little less alone. šŸ’œ