Should I tell his fiance??

so I welcomed my so called “friend” so stay with me for a few months so she could get back on her feet. she only paid 200$ rent for the two months she was here her dog ripped up our carpet and peed everywhere which resulted in $1414 carpet damage which she didn’t pay for btw and now are lease is denied bc of this damage. she was the rudest most disrespectful person I have ever involved myself with. not to mention she was a complete slob and the living room where she was staying was a complete PIG STY she would cook leave all the pieces of food everywhere and leave a pile of dirty dishes for days! I had no clue she would be the roommate from hell until she moved in. we gave her 30 days and she packed up and moved out without saying a word. so about the fiancé thing she’s been sleeping with this engaged guy and having a relationship with him for 8 months! should I tell his fiancé what’s going on? I know I shouldn’t resort to revenge but she did ya so wrong and we were so fair with her. I’m not even the type of person to get into drama and i’m kinda scared to do it but the fiancé should know!

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