Currently with an OBGYN, but considering a Midwife


I'm 16wks 4dys and I had my last appt with my OB about 2 weeks ago. It was my 2nd appt and i was not as comfortable as the first. I'm a FTM and I'm also a bit obsessive and very aware of how not knowing things can affect my anxiety. That being said, my OB was 45mins late for my appt, and the whole thing felt rushed, I also feel like she brushed off a lot of my concerns and ushered me out the room.

I've always wanted a water broth, but when I found out I was pregnant I kind of just went with the flow of my GP who I trust with my life and would make godmother of all my children if I could. she's always recommended great specialists to me in the past so I gave the OB the benefit of the doubt. I'm now not sure I made the right decision.

I'm in Toronto, so I tried found a group of midwives online and filled out the form for consultation. a friend of mine said I might be too late, as they get booked like hot cakes here, but I reached out anyway.

They called yesterday and I'm travelling next week so I booked my appt for the following week, on my birthday. (I felt like it was fitting 😊)

My question is, can I keep both my OB and a midwife? My appt with them is just a consultation so I won't be saying anything to my GP or OB till I have all the details, but a low impact, minimal invasive birth is what I want.