He surprised me😍


So my boyfriend was supposed to be going on a trip out of state to work for 2 weeks. The first week was awful and we both missed each other really bad. Saturday came and he told me he almost passed out and had to take a break (he’s a roofer or whatever) and he finished his work early. So I’m snap chatting him thinking everything is normal. And I hear my front door open... I wasn’t expecting anyone so I walk into the living room and see him and I start crying. He came home to stay for the night and surprised me. He was pushing to finish his work for the day, almost passed out because of it, and (sadly) he didn’t even get paid for the day. But he wanted to see me really bad. I’m so lucky to have someone who loves me so much. He left to go back to work at like 2:30am. He woke me up before he left. It’s been almost another week he’s been gone. He’s coming home tomorrow. And Im really really excited for it!!! ☺️

A picture of me and my perfect boyfriend Bc I like to brag about him😂😉❤️