BabyMoon Finished 30 Weeks Pregnant

Olivia • Mom of 1 Boy 💙 Est. Oct 6th, 2018 🎃

Many photos! (Including me super tired in Georgia!) We got plane tickets through Southwest and we were to stay a week in Florida. (We Live in Kewaunee WI). By day 4, we missed our 7 pets, our home, meals made in our kitchen, waking up in our own bed, we were staying at his cousins which started to feel like we were overstaying. Plus everything was expensive in FL. So on day 4 we woke up and looked at each other and he asked if I wanted to go home. I smiled and said YES! So we called Southwest, couldn’t change flights unless we wanted to pay an additional $650. So we took our rental car from Sarasota FL to Milwaukee WI in 22 Hours, only stopping for food or potty. We switched off driving and was extremely tired but kept going. We were awake from 8:00am Thursday to 11:30pm on Friday. We grabbed take out wraps from our favorite restaurant in Manitowoc which is near home, by the time we got home we weren’t tired anymore. So we stayed up, watched Shark🦈 Week, and even topped the night with what got me now 30 Weeks Pregnant 😂. Now I’m still off work till Wednesday so we have plenty of time to finish our baby moon 🌙 together in our home. Vacation and trips aren’t what it’s all caught up to be. I think if we ever go anywhere it’ll be in Wisconsin only, maybe Chicago. And we’ll probably bring the dogs lol.