advice please.


Ever since I was very young I have been scared/terrified of spiders... Nothing is going to change that no matter my age. At 1am I seen a spider crawling on the ceiling over my head, I was so scared I asked my fiance to kill it. This man made a huge deal about it, started yelling throwing things around the house and he said to me he will not kill it because he has work at 6am. Finally after 20 min he decided to kill it. But before he did I Said show me that you killed it so I can stop freaking out. Basically he "killed" it but he doesn't know where it is but he knows its dead. So I started crying because now it could be anywhere in the room... Anyways he calls me all types of names disconnected the internet and left the house. Am I wrong? In my opinion I think he should have just killed the. spider and went back to bed. And no I couldn't kill it on my own because i don't want to be anywhere near that thing.