My 35 weeks and 4 dayer!

Jesika • 24. 2 princesses.1 prince. #4 due in August .

My son decided to make his grand appearance a month early . He was born 7/24/18 at 6:56am and weighted 5 lbs 3 ozs (luckily he doesn’t have to go to the NICU .) they do have him in the nursery to watch his blood sugar (or he will have to go to the NICU) but so far so good .

He also decided to flip butt down causing me after having (now)4 kids to need a c section . But I am thankful cause I finally got my tubes tied !!

Oh and also tomorrow is my 2 year olds birthday . So we have 2 birthdays back to back . One the 24th and one the 25th.

ALSO note this arm is bruised from his arm being trapped in the birth canal .