Ladies who have nausea!


Two days ago I went to the ER because of excessive vomiting! I ended up being really dehydrated because I couldn’t keep anything down. As they had to give me two doses of nausea medicine I finally felt better and ate for the first time after 12+ hours.

This morning I felt sooo awful. I asked my husband to go get my mints (I heard that they helped) and to also bring me Peppermint essential oil. I needed to try something before I have a relapse of what happened two days ago. So I bought the sea band it’s arriving on Wednesday because we are leaving out of state this weekend to visit my family and I’m not announcing my pregnancy just yet so I need something to help me! Anyway....

I put peppermint essential oil on my wrist like you would perfume and rub my two wrist together. Side note: it was strong but hey that’s okay! I then put a peppermint in my mouth. I laid back did slow breathing techniques.. 30 seconds later I don’t feel nausea!

End result,