I know that Pap smears don't cause MC, but

I really don't want to sound stupid. I had a Pap smear today where I was told I have an extremely sensitive cervix and would probably spot and bleed. Right after, maybe a half hour later, there was definitely more than spotting - the blood was red and when I wiped there was a very very small thing that looked like a chunk (sorry TMI) which is how my discharge has been looking lately - doctor said discharge is normal. I am wondering if it was just discharge and trying not to think the worst that it could have been a clot - it was really small and the only one

Since then, I am barely bleeding now - it's very light, and has turned light light brown, no longer red. I know they say that one isn't linked to the other, but it's a good sign I stopped bleeding right? As in everything is okay? I tried really hard not to freak out about this, as it happened immediately following a procedure, but the blood reeeeeally scared me

**edit I went to the bathroom when I was still at the doctors and that's when I noticed the blood. I went back in to the office to tell them that I was freaked out about the amount of blood and they wouldn't re-see me. They told me to call them back in a couple of days if the bleeding doesn't subside.