Are you getting a C section?


So apparently the United States has the highest rates of c sections in the entire world. About 10-15% higher than other countries. 1 in every 3 women has a c section. We also have the highest amount of deaths during and after birth by quite a bit. I’ve been reading up on c sections and while medically necessary at times there are financial incentives for hospitals to give more c sections. Not only that but apparently the US monitors babies more closely than any other nations when you start to get closer to your due date. This means that a doctor is more likely to spot a “problem” with your baby and recommend you a c section. I say this because when you’re looking for patterns so often it’s easy to see something occur that may seem out of the ordinary. There is also an overwhelmingly high amount of inductions and failed inductions also play right into the rate of c sections in the US. I’m not sure how much I trust the system in the US. We’re supposedly the most advanced and yet we are failing compared to other nations in the birthing aspect? What are your opinions ladies? Have you thought about any of this?