Low FSH and no sperm??


Hey guys! My husband had a SA in June, results came back zero!

Obviously after fighting some serious emotions and googling way too many things. ( it took forever to get into the urologist) And a round of blood work at our regular doctor app, we found my husbands FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) was LOW.

We finally had our urologist app. Who after all that waiting just ordered more blood work and another SA! He wants to make sure all results were accurate.

Second SA is this Friday and second round of blood work.

My question is, do any of you ladies have expeditious with your DH having low FSH and zero sperm?

The urologist was hopeful in clomid but I’m anxious to take the time to try it and nervous it won’t work ):

I’m losing my mind in between appointments. We have wanted this for a couple of years now. This journey feels never ending.