After a MC in June 2015, I gave birth to my son in June 2016. I had Gestational Hypertension during the latter part of my pregnancy with him because of stress, anxiety, relationship issues, and eating pickles and chips every day because I was unable to eat anything else! I went on bed rest at 38 weeks, was induced st 39 weeks with assistance from Foley balloon but no pitocin because my son couldn't handle it. After 22 hours or labor and only dilating to a 6, my BP was rising as my son's heart rate was dropping... so I went under the knife and within a matter of minutes my son was born!

Fast fwd...

This pregnancy I was having a girl and I was way more sick with nausea and heartburn this pregnancy than with my son. I wanted to eat well but could only down burgers, fries, and slushies.

At my Drs appointments, I was very vocal about wanting to have a VBAC and my Dr and her team was super supportive, encouraging, and positive. My family, not so much.

Anyway, I worked all the way until the day I had her. I went in in Thursday 7/19 for my 38 week check-up. I was at 2cm and losing my plug. my BP was reading 140/90 2x at that appointment so my Dr kept me. She sent me to maternal observation for 2 hours where they observed my BP, fetal movement, and contractions. My BP was fine but they were saying my daughter's heart rate, was a bit flat. I was confused because she was moving just fine, but what do I know? My OB called my room and told me she didn't want me to leave because she would be gone for the weekend and not able to deliver my baby once she was gone.

I was sent to labor and delivery where they inserted a Foley balloon at 330p. I was up walking the halls, on the birthing ball (which I had no idea how to use so I was on YouTube watching videos trying not to look dumb when the nurses walked in lol), and resting every couple of hours. Basically I was trying to do everything I didn't do while I was in labor with my son... and it worked! I was kind of getting discouraged because my mom and husband kept saying it was gonna be a long labor like last time and I would end up in a csection anyway so I should save myself and my baby the stress. UNBELIEVABLE! BUT I PERSISTED AND INSISTED ON THE VBAC!

At 3am, my nurse pulled out my balloon with a gentle tug and I was at a 5. At 5am I had dilated to a 6. They told me they were gonna start my pitocin so I said okay give me my epidural first lol. so I got my epidural and then they started pitocin at about 6am. My contractions were bearable and I was going to sleep but at about 830 my contractions were becoming closer and closer and the epidural wasn't working anymore. At about 920am I called for my nurse because I felt a ton of pressure. She rushed in to check me and she barely could put her fingers in there. She went and got my Dr and my mom came in right on time. Everybody was setting up and in a matter of minutes I pushed 3x and my baby girl was here, safe and sound!!


7lb 3oz 20in