Mom’s insecurity & negativity

Any time anyone gets compliments, my mom instantly gets jealous, but especially if they’re complimenting my aunt (her sister-in-law). Once, someone I work with told me I was graceful. When I told my mom, she hesitated and went “...I guess.”

My aunt is the principal at an elementary school, and this past school year was her first year being a principal. She’s been getting a lot of praise on Facebook. Every time my mom sees a positive comment about her, she rolls her eyes and says sarcastically “she’s so great.” She especially got jealous because our cousin told my aunt that she looked up to her. My mom said she wanted our cousin to look up to her instead. I don’t understand why she can’t be happy for others...

I told her that we’re all great in our own ways. I just wish she would be more secure and less negative.