Baby Waking Every Hour In Early Morning


Anyone have any advice? My 8 week old goes to bed 8:30pm with a routine and nursing, 12:30am my husband feeds and right back down (he feeds basically asleep he cries for the bottle of BM but his eyes are closed once he starts sucking). Then he is up again around 4am for another feed, I nurse him for this one. Then right back down. He takes a full feed. But then he wakes up at 6am like clockwork, and I have to rock him to sleep, then when I put him down he's up again at 7am, then finally 8am (our wake time). Currently I'm rocking him since 6am to keep him asleep until 8am. Why is he so waking so frequently? I used to nurse at 6am but he would only feed for 5 min so I know he doesn't need that feed.