Basically a week late?


I was suppose to get my period Sunday so I’m on day 6 of it being late Iv been getting random dull cramping I tested a few days ago and it was negative. Iv always been regular I had nexplanon removed on November and I’ve gotten my period on the day every month since it was removed expect two months ago I was 3 days late before it started, so Iv never been almost a whole week late. Today I wore a liner because I started cramping and just Incase wanted to have some protection well the cramping stopped and Iv noticed a little yellow tinged discharge on the liner. Iv read not to test until 10 days after period was suppose to start but has anyone experience this and still got a bfp or did af show her ugly face. This whole week there have been a few times I swore af was starting but we’re almost to day 7 and still nothing. Iv never been pregnant before so I’m sorry if I’m coming off as a spaz also I didn’t log BD as I forgot to except for that one day. We tried every other day during green week