need reassurance everythings okay❤

I'm 10 weeks with my rainbow baby, wont have my first obgyn appointment until 14 weeks (troubles with insurance) I don't have a doctor of my own. okay so me and my SO were having sex in the shower then I noticed blood. it wasn't spotting it was more than that. I got scared and went to the ER. said all is good, white blood cell count was a few too high but no infections are showing. I'm taking prenatals. im so scared I'm doing something wrong. I do have weird pains but I think thats normal? gas and bloating is REALLY bad it makes me uncomfortable. I do puke a lot during the early mornings. can I get any input? things to do, things to avoid or any advice at all. I'm 20 so I'm kind of clueless with this stuff. my last pregnancy didnt make it this far. thank you 😊