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rosa • Hope for baby #3

Let me start by saying me and my husband Met him on 1995 and automatically we were high school sweethearts for very long Time everything seems to going great he found a good job and so did I out First daughter was amazing she was born on Christmas Day our pride and joy than five years later came my pumpkin everything seems to be going straight as planned it nice house if it got a few pets Job‘s cars the love of my life and just one day for some reason it came crashing down I don’t even know how to put it into words everything that I went Threw still don’t know how I’m just hurt well trying to get past all this I have been about three years ago I find out that my significant other did his deed with someone else from his job and I hurt so much I thought that I have for gave him but forgiving and forgetting about it totally different so then everything was fine back to the normal oh that he loves me and that nothing was going to ever happen wrong it didn’t even take six months to find out again at that time I was exhausted I don’t know I numb like if I didn’t care no more that’s how I felt but deep inside of me I know that there was still hope for us we have two beautiful daughters we adored each other why not make it work or that’s what I thoughts so about two years ago when he was working on his cars and not really spending too much time with me I found a friend but he was the sweet person little bit older but he treated me like a princess gave me everything that if I needed he was there To me I think that that was cheating so I stopped everything because the man that I really am truly in love with is the father of my kids and there’s a whole bunch of details are missing but I appreciate if I get any feedback’s thank you