she knows...😔


so here’s the story of how my momma found out that im no longer a virgin and im not the whore of the family. the other night my ex came over to talk but we were in the back seat laying down on each other and just trying to figure out what we were gonna do then my momma came outside and she called me and told me to come inside. she started to fuss at me and the next day after she picked me up from work and she asked me what was going between him and i and then she asked if we had sex before and i said no but she saw that i was lying. she started me that im a hoe (i’ve only been with one person) and that i’ll end up pregnant or i might have “something” . then she told the whole family and her friends and now i’m known as the family whore. everybody is looking at me so differently. she took away my senior year . no homecoming no prom. (im seventeen btw)