“You only like _____ to impress guys”

Am I the only one who gets sick of being questioned or challenged anytime I try to express/talk about a certain thing I enjoy casually?

Today, I wore my Black Sabbath tee (that I got from the End of the World Tour) and some pizza-faced, b/o having ass hole came up and was like “Oh, you like Sabbath? Who is the lead guitarist.” Like, first of all, flapJack, who are you? Their white knight?

So, just casually I said “excuse me?” to which he replies “Well, there just a lot of chicks who wear band shirts and don’t know the band, and just try to impress guys. Are you one of them?” and I know there are those who wear shirts and such without actually liking the band and all, but, who cares? Let people live.

Anyway, I answered him, and told him where I got the shirt, that I went to that show with my boyfriend so I have no need to try and impress anyone, and that he should look in a mirror and take a shower before he assumes anyone is trying to impress him.

I’ve seen guys pull the same shit with other girls on their live streams on Twitch, in GameStop, Hastings, and other places where they’re just minding their business and some guy thinks it’s his job to go make sure she’s a “real fan.” What if she’s new to it? What if she’s just casually browsing for something new to enjoy? What are you experiences with these types and how do you usually shut them down?