Let just stop...

Alright. I have a lot to say and I don’t think a lot of people will like it, but here we go.

We all know there is a divide between races. (We’ll specifically be talking about the divide between black people and white people.) The biggest issue that exists would be white privilege. The privilege itself AND the inability to recognize it (some, not all). And what do we do after we recognize it? How do we stop it? Or probably the question more people will be asking; why should we care? As a white person with privilege, it should be appreciated right? Wrong. It’s not appreciated at all to feel that others are being diminished for no reason. But, of course there are white people that don’t care at all. But we can’t all be clumped together.

Also, white people seem to think that black people should just forget what their people went through. Once again, I don’t believe that to be a viable idea. How could you forget the horrendous treatment white people but black people through? The problem is, not one single white person alive was a salve owner. And not one black person alive was a slave. I know that doesn’t make it better, but white people cant change the actions of the past. We can only move passed them and learn from those mistakes (mistake is a very lightly used term here, there are more words that would fit better but this is the one I used).

Now of course, this does not pose a solution to the problem, it is simply pointing out two parts of the problem. But if we all take into consideration how we are living (white people; check your privilege. Black people; not every white person is racist. Not everyone dislikes you because of your race) we can each make small changes in our lives that may impact larger changes everywhere. Change is small, and it has to start somewhere.

**also- this comes to you from a user who is mixed (multiracial); black, white, and Native American**