Anatomy scan

Natosha • 💙J2015 💜N2019

Ok so I’m 14 weeks and 5 days. I go for my next appointment when I’m 16 weeks. We’ve been doing appointments every month so every 4 weeks. If we stay on that my following appointment will be when I’m 20 weeks and they’ll most likely schedule my anatomy scan around that time. So my question is have you ever asked to have your scan or something at a different time? Like I’m going to ask them if I can get it done the week before so when I’m 19 weeks because September 8th is my sons bday party and we have family flying in from out of state and we’d like to do our gender reveal during his party since more family will be there.

I know the only way to know is to ask them and I’m going to I’m just wondering what you’re experiences are.