Hi Moms😌👋🏾

I'm a sophomore in high school. And the lunch at school is absolutely revolting, it makes me sick every time I'd try to eat the lunch food. My family is in a tight spot right now and we aren't able to afford the packing lunch budget. We're barely able to keep snack foods in the house. With this said, do you ladies have any advice on I how I should go about this? I just started back my eating schedule over the summer but I think school is really going to mess it up because I can't eat the food, pack lunch, or take snacks. What do you think I should do? My mom is really having a hard time on figuring it out. Oh and we're limited to one car and my dad travels far for his job and leftovers generally go towards his lunch, he's a big guy and he works nonstop so he has to be feed. 
Thanks in advance:)