Rant/advice please?!!!?!!

My boyfriend (baby's daddy) does absolutely nothing to help- if anything he just makes my life more difficult. He doesn't WANT me to clean/keep our home tidy and accuses me of being 'obsessive' and a 'clean freak' whenever I ask him to throw out beer bottles that he's just left all oer the living room or put his dirty wet socks in the wash...I thought that 'good' relationships were built on mutual respect and helping eachother out?!! I didn't think that it would be solely my responsibility to do everything in and around the house and not only not be appreciated for it, but also be mocked and almost told of for doing so? He's unhygienic (has a bath twice a month, if that) and when I spoke to him about needing to be clean in the hospital once our baby is born, it ended in an argument...he doesn't plan on coming out on day trips with the baby and I (to the park, the zoo, swimming when he's bigger etc etc) and isn't planning on helping out either (changing nappies or gettig up in the night for feeds because he has to work). I understand he works but none of the money he earns comes to the baby or I - I have to pay for everything or mine or his parents will pick up the tab! He goes out and gets drunk with his friends whenever it pleases him and the other night slept on the pavement near the pub because he was so drunk....?! Any time I bring any problem up he tells me that I should e greatful that he's here still because it wasn't in his plan right now (true) and that I should be nicer to him so that he doesn't leave but honestly I think my life would be better/easier without him?? He makes me feel so insecure about myself and is absolutely no support whatsoever but I do love him, as he will always be my baby's father. I jst don't know what I should do...do I keep going with things as they are and just get used to it or should I move out and make a life for my baby and I on our own? What can I do?:(