What would tall tell this girl?

So I have a friend that is a drug addict. She has 5 children by 5 different men. At least she thinks. The guy she is currently engaged to is a RSO and he is currently in Prison . Registered Sex Offender. She got her children taken by the state due to her ex husband telling on her. The guy in prison, her fiancé, is her ex husbands brother. She also thinks that her fiancé is her second oldest daughters father. BTW she "accidentally" signed the custody of her oldest son away when he was younger. She has 3 girls and 2 boys. Her oldest son is 26 and her youngest is a boy and he just turned 5. Then her fiance is the one who got popped for rapping and molesting her oldest daughter (she is 21). The fiancé is said to be the father of her middle daughter who is 16. Her youngest daughter is her fiancé brothers daughter and she is 8. Mind you she has people in her life who say they care for her. But they are also the ones bringing her drugs, while she is posed to be staying clean to get her children back. We'll she was told she has to choose, between getting her children back, and staying clean, and leaving her fiancé, to be able to keep her childern. Or losing custody of her children and never getting them back, and continuing to be a drug addict with her soul mate. The RSO. What would yall do?