Just something from my mind...

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'The thing is;

I feel like we're just drifting apart.

Like I've bored you into ignorance.

I'm just background noise in your busy mind.

The silence is deafening and it's hurting my ears, my heart.

I'm me, you're you and we live separate lives so far away with the longing to be close one day.

My anxiety creeps in and I start to overthink the possibilities for you could be doing anything and breaking the trust you've earned from me.

The promise at the start to not fuck each other over or to break each other's hearts, was it broken?

I know I never will, I've been there before because someone's done it to me.

It's taken me this long to want to trust someone again, to open up and show them all of my scars, my imperfections.

But because you're so far away the doubt nags and I tip and it spills into my mind, making my chest tight and it hard to breathe.

The tears drip from my eyes and keeps me awake at night and it takes all of me not to ask you for reassurance.

But it's just the way I am, the anxiety takes over and I'm scared you're going to leave.

Take me or leave me, it's all up to you, but don't tie the string just to cut it.'